FNADE reaction to the postponement of the circular economy package: a call for an ambitious policy benefiting to the European industry


Brussels, 19 December 2014

FNADE, the French professional organisation representing the waste and resource management sector, regrets the withdrawal of the circular economy package. FNADE reaffirms its will for a new project by the end of 2015 which will hopefully establish the basics for the transition to a circular economy. FNADE hopes the new package would be based on a wider and sound scope and provide the European framework to national policies existing in favor of resource efficiency.

FNADE, gathering the major actors of the circular economy, reminds that the economic certainty initiates the investments needed in new or renovated waste treatment infrastructures. Beyond the recycling objectives, it is important to note that it is the structuring measures that would help keeping waste treatment and the preparation of secondary raw materials in Europe, protect the environment and human health.

FNADE underlines the following essential issues to be integrated in a new and more ambitious proposal in order to establish the transition toward a circular on a solid economic vision:
- Revise reporting and statistics on waste management in order to establish realistic and achievable recycling objectives and to ensure comparability of performances between Member States;
- Extend the scope of the recycling objectives to Commercial and Industrial waste, beyond household waste in order to stimulate all actors along the value chain;
- Improve the proposed definitions and misleading concepts. For instance, revise the scope of so-called “municipal” waste, explain the concept of virtual elimination of landfilling, and the proposed exemptions from permit requirements for some waste management activities despite environmental risks;
- Develop economic incentives such as “Pay As You Throw” systems for household to improve household sorting, or ecodesign criteria influencing the recyclability of products. The new circular economy package will have to include adequate “pull measures” to support a European market for Secondary Raw Materials.
- Analyse the existing regulations on End-Of-Waste criteria or a least the implementation of an efficient system of monitoring or controlling national End-Of-Waste criteria in view of avoiding distortions on the EU Single Market.

Confronting the major stakes related to the reform of the European policy, FNADE will pursue its involvement along all EU institutions and the different stakeholders in order to ensure a sound transition toward a circular economy.

FNADE’s president Michel Valache said: “Our industry has a major role to play in the transition toward a circular economy by supplying industrial end-users with secondary raw materials of sufficient quantity and constant quality overtime at a competitive and stable price. Our role is also to provide energy in substitution to fossil fuels. This is how we will implement the circular economy concept in our regions.”

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